Top Rated Managed Forex Trading Accounts

Still want to benefit from Forex trading but just don’t have the time to trade or the time to learn to trade? Why not let someone else trade for you? We have listed trusted, reputable and reliable managed Forex trading accounts.

Managed forex trading


These managed Forex trading accounts have been found to be trustworthy and respected in the industry. They don’t advertise outrageous returns and have strict money management strategies. Still with that said, never invest money that you cannot afford to lose!

#1 FxMac

Overview: FxMAC is one of the 1% of companies that are completely transparent, showing the performance online verified by independent audit companies as the well known MYFXBOOK or FXSTAT, in order investors can see online a complete trustful review of the different strategies.

Since 2012, FXmac reached the goal of giving to the retail and institutional investors a way to connect with the widest online offer of asset manager groups with the really highest level of steady verified performances.

We have personally used FXmac and find them one of the best managed Forex trading accounts.

  • Min Deposit – 5000USD – 10000USD
  • Accepted Brokers –  IC Markets FXChoice, Fusion Markets, Vantage FX and LMFX.
  • Performance fee – 30% – 35%

#2 Managed Forex Hub

Managed Forex Hub are on a mission to make top tier Managed Forex investments available to everyone – regardless of age, the stage in your personal investment journey, or your net worth. 

Their approach to investing can over time help generate superior risk-adjusted returns, shortening the investment commitment window significantly for investors vs. traditional investments.

They have multiple different types of programs from low risk stable funds to more aggressive strategies. They place an emphasis on algo trading over discretionary trading, but their FX Marketplace is a meeting ground for global traders and investors to come together.

  • Min Deposit – 5000USD – 100,000USD
  • Accepted Brokers –  MT Cook  and Divisa Capital.
  • Performance fee – 30% – 35% and 20%-30% *depends on account size*

What is a Managed Forex Trading Account?

A managed Forex account (managed Forex trading account) is traded by a professional Forex trader or money manager that trades on your behalf.

You will need to sign a “power of attorney form” that states that someone will be trading your account on your behalf.

The account still would be under your own name and only you (the client) can withdraw and add funds to and from the account. If this is not the case, stay clear of that particular managed account.

You will also have to pay fees on the profits earned in your account. This should be included in your power of attorney form with other details. Make sure to read the whole document and feel comfortable with it.

How much does it cost to have a managed forex trading account?

Usually, account management fees are taken monthly and only on profits earned in that month. Most of the time these fee withdraws are automatic through the broker.

The fee most managed forex trading accounts charge is called a “high Water Mark”  / Incentive Fee, often referred to as a High Water Mark Performance Fee (others may have a different name for it). You will find that most managed accounts fees vary depending on account size, but mainly range between 20% – 40% on the amount of profit incurred.

It is important to only open a managed forex trading account with a trusted and reputable company. 

Never invest more money that you can comfortably live with losing. Managed accounts are NOT a get rich quick scheme, you should expect long term growth with proper risk management put into place.

Can I lose money in a Managed Forex trading account?

Yes, you definitely can. Just like with any trading account the risk is always there. But let talk about one Scenario. 

Scenario – You have very little to no Forex trading experience.

It would be a much higher risk if you traded your account on your own vs opening up a managed account. At least the managed account is professionally managed and with strict risk management in place (if you are with a decent managed account like the two above). If it came to it, your losses would also be much lower in a managed account, be it they followed their trading strategy and “max money at risk” protocol. 

If you were to trade on your own and haven’t develop a solid strategy, you are most likely going to trade with emotion and this is how most trader lose money. You can learn about this here – Why do most newbies to currency trading fail?

So to sum it up, trading yourself if you are a beginner vs having a managed account?… A Managed forex trading accounts is the safer way to go.

Is there a Managed Forex trading firm you trust and have had success with? We want to know about them and your experience!

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