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Forex Broker Reviews & Ratings 2020

FX Broker Reviews & Platform Rankings 2020

All New Forex Broker Rank for 2020!

Here are Forex Ranks Forex Broker reviews for 2020. Forex brokers are there to help anyone trade on the foreign exchange market.

It is not only professional traders or institutions that benefit from the services of these brokers. Any amateur or beginner can trade in the forex market.

But for safe trading, you must find the top rated Forex brokers who will cater to your particular needs without a catch.forex broker reviews

There are hundreds of trading systems online. All of them can be used by traders, irrespective of their budget, experience or the kind of investment the traders make.

At Forex Rank, we bring you the most reliable and trustworthy forex broker reviews and Forex platform rankings, after carefully filtering the available forex sites. It is not a difficult process, since every experienced trader is only talking about the best of the lot.

But not every forex broker ranking website like ours lists only the best. Some forex traders pay to get onto ranked lists. We don’t allow any such kind of ‘lobbying’ on our site.

Top Forex Brokers 2020



Online Fx Broker Rank 2020

XM 98%
Fx Choice 97%
Pepperstone 95%
fpmarkets 90%
BlackBull Markets 88%
Global Prime 85%
ThinkMarkets 84%
HYCM 83%
MT Cook 82%
easyMarkets 80%
FBS 73%

** Leverage depends on the entity of the group and the financial instrument traded.

Top Forex Brokers USA 2020

Forex Platform Rankings 2020

Choosing the right platform can sometimes be confusing. We’ve done the hard work for you! Click and see, To learn more about the Best Forex Platform. Understand what each Forex platform offers against the other to make the best decision when choosing the right Forex platform in 2020.

Down below you will find our Forex platform rankings for 2020.


metatrader 4 review
  • Most forex broker around the globe either use MetaTrader 4 or have supporting bridging applications to integrated it into their trading software platform.
  • MT4 can be downloaded for free either from the forex broker website or the Metaquote software website.  It can be used on any PC or Mac computer.
  • MetaTrader 4 has fully integrated and the most popular and widely used forex indicators and oscillators, which can be added or removed to any price chart in seconds. More indicator free and paid can be download via the Metaquote website.


ctrader review
  • cTrader is a web-based platform that allows traders to transform any internet connected compatible computer into a sophisticated trading station. Fx Traders can access and manage their trading account from any place at any moment after successfully logged in.  
  • Efficient data delivery system, cTrader charting tools enable the fastest information delivery method allowing traders to make smarter and better-informed forex trading investments
  • Speedy order placement, fx traders can fill and place their orders in just milliseconds, there is no limit to the number of simultaneous order that they can process with the software “no order queue” feature.


zulutrade logo 300x60 -
  • Traders are divided into followers (beginners that are going to copy or imitate what the professional traders do) and signal providers (experienced and proven successful traders that want to share their strategy and forex market knowledge with others)
  • Signals providers are ranked based on their winning rate, overall profits, and trading strategy success.
  •  ZuluGuard is a stop copy feature, which stops following and copying any signals provider that changes his trading strategy. 

How We Pick and Choose the Best Brokers 

We understand that it is important for you to have a trustworthy forex trading broker to put your money in.

The bad Forex brokers and scammers out there will make a mid-day snack of an inexperienced FX trader. These bad brokers will usually have all the necessary fine print and disclaimers that they are supposed to have. But many people fail to see the fine print.

FX traders end up falling prey to these brokers, who use a lot of attractive-sounding words to confuse you and then take your money, this is why you need to check out our Forex broker reviews.

We make sure that every broker we list on our forex broker reviews website is reputable.

They all have excellent reviews, and though all of them may not be equally good, they are the best of the websites available.

We carefully do our due diligence when we search for the most trustworthy forex trading brokers. 

Some of the things we look at include: 

  • Where their offices are located. If you can’t tell where an online forex broker’s actual office is, you have to be careful with them. A good company will always provide a physical address to customers.
  • Their trading platform: There are several different kinds of trading platforms that are available to use on forex trading websites. Some of these are award-winning. These include MetaTrader4, which is well known for being reliable. Another reliable trading platform is cTrader. 
  • Regulatory bodies: Forex trading companies are governed by different regulatory bodies, depending on where they are allowed to offer their services. For instance, US traders should look for companies that are registered with the CFTC and the National Futures Association. These regulatory bodies make rules to protect you. We make sure that the sites we list follow these rules. 
  • Customer experience: You should be able to trade securely and safely online, without worrying about the safety of your funds. The forex broker should also make it easy for you to deposit and withdraw funds. We only include the websites that are known for their excellent customer service satisfaction. 
  • Other criteria: The other criteria that we use to sift through the huge number of forex trading brokers online is the conditions that they place on you, the methods in which you can deposit funds for trading, the trade execution speeds, etc. These are factors that will decide how easy and efficient it is to trade on these brokers. 

We Update Our Lists Constantly

Don’t think that the Forex broker reviews list we have provided for you are static list. We are constantly on top of the changes in the Forex broker industry. It’s true that we only bring you the world’s top ranked Fx brokers. We also rank the premium brokers from 1 through 10, so you can quickly choose. But this doesn’t mean there are no movements up and down these lists. 

The best trading platforms are always making changes to their trading platform, bonuses etc. We stay on top of these changes. If they are important and can affect you as a customer, we make sure these changes are reflected in the rankings and lists.

We Have Your Back

As an experienced or beginner FX trader It may be difficult to put your faith in a random website that promises authentic lists. But in the end, we are a team of people like you, who are traders. We may have more experience in the industry than you. Most of the people on our team are current traders, or they have traded extensively in the past. They have enough skills and the intuition that you need to identify the good Forex traders. 

The Forex broker reviews that we offer you are not just the opinions of customers who have traded on these sites, but the reviews of experts as well. We don’t claim to have a secret charm to make you a billionaire. But we do our best to provide you with all the information you need, to be able to test and use the trading services of brokers online.

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